Essential Oils

Which oils should you use for an aroma diffuser?

aroma oil in bottles

The most important criteria for good essential oils are quality and naturalness. The synthetic oils, which are also offered as scented oils, are controversial. Essential oils from plants can contain up to 300 different ingredients, each with its own individual effect. And yet they ultimately result in a harmonious interplay in their common effect on people.

Essential oils are not only obtained from plants but also from parts of plants. This includes the fruits as well as the branches, leaves, roots, and seeds. The therapeutic effectiveness of lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint has been medically proven. This applies to the physical as well as the psychological effect.

Choose the right aroma oils for diffusers

The room fragrance can be combined with a diffuser with subtle ambient light. Cold nebulization is often perceived as very pleasant. In the case of combined devices, it should be possible to switch the nebulization and lighting separately from one another and at intervals. In the case of a diffuser with automatic color change, this should be switched off. Constant color changes can be counterproductive. So much for the facts, for the question: which aroma diffuser should I buy?

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Which essential oils can be used, and what effect do they have?

Rosemary: This essential oil not only has a stimulating and activating effect but also increases concentration and awareness. These are good qualities that many use for themselves during their studies but also at work.

Eucalyptus: This classic essential oil has an immune-boosting and disinfecting effect but also increases concentration. In relation to the room air, eucalyptus has a neutralizing effect on unpleasant odors such as tobacco and food smells. Eucalyptus essential oil has an expectorant effect for colds. Even with asthma and bronchitis, it brings relief with regard to possibly restricted breathing.

Lavender: Essential lavender oil has been a classic for many generations and was probably in every medicine cabinet. Even today, its calming and sleep-promoting effects are increasingly becoming the focus of interest. This also applies to the positive effect on the immune system. Lavender oil has also proven its worth in repelling insects.

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