Where to Place Your Diffuser?

Where should I place my diffuser?

Whether it is A diffuser by nebulization, misting, gentle heat, or ventilation, knowing where to place your essential oil diffuser is an important thing. Find out now where to put your diffuser to make the most of its look and its benefits without any risk!

Place your diffuser at home, in your house.

The essential oil diffusers are above all designed to be used and placed in their home. It is, therefore, important to know how to place it in each room, taking into account its type.

In the living room and the dining room

The first thing to think about is to put your diffuser in the main and friendly room of your home to take advantage of the virtues and smells that emanate from it.

For this, nebulization diffusers and ultrasonic diffusers will be best suited. Indeed, they both make it possible to cover large areas. The first diffuse pure essential oils for optimal therapeutic use, during the second diffuse a water-oil mixture in an aesthetic and saving mist.

The main advantage of these two types of the diffuser is their particular designs, which make them real decorative objects. They can thus be placed where you want in your living room and will contribute to its beauty.

In bathroom

The bathroom is also a great place to place your diffuser. Indeed, what could be better than a bath in a scented and relaxing atmosphere after a long day? In it, ventilation and gentle heat will be very interesting to use (the room is already humid and often small). You can also use diffuser sticks.

Place your diffuser close to your tub or shower, and take full advantage of your oils to relax or help you wake up better in the morning!

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In kitchen

Finally, the kitchen is also a great place to enjoy an essential oil diffuser! Here, any type of diffuser will be suitable. After airing out the room, start it to evacuate food odors!

To do this, try to place it in strategic places such as above the fridge or not far from the hobs. You can also place fabrics soaked in oils or pot rotten with essential oil to hide the smell of garbage cans!


Finally, the toilets are also a good place to use the aromas of your oils; for this, possibly use a diffuser by gentle heat, although diffuser sticks or some drops of essential oils on a pumice stone will do the trick!

Try to place it near the toilet to evacuate bad smells as much as possible and as quickly as possible. Otherwise, place it on the ground.

In your car

Diffusing essential oils in your car can be very effective for your well-being as well as to avoid nausea and motion sickness. To do this, use a car diffuser that you can plug into your cigarette lighter, a diffuser clip on the ventilation, or even a nomadic diffuser placed on the bench: all means are good!

In your workplace

Bringing your portable diffuser to your workplace will relax you while ensuring creativity and focus (depending on the oil used, of course!). As you would imagine, use a portable mini diffuser on your office table or next to you.

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Precautions and notes

For everything related to the diffusion of essential oils, know that it is necessary to take precautions according to his entourage. For example, avoid (or at least limit) diffusing your essential oils in a room where an animal is locked up in a cage: always give him the possibility of going out. More broadly, be aware and do not expose so-called “vulnerable” people without the advice of a doctor first. Finally, always check the recommendations specific to the essential oils and the diffuser you have.

It is, therefore, possible to use its essential oil diffusers everywhere, and recommended to place them in the strategic places that we have presented to you for optimal comfort.

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