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What Smell Do Mosquitoes Hate the Most?

What Smell Does Mosquito Hate

With the warm season and the mild summer evenings, mosquitoes also arrive on the balcony. Their stings irritate the skin for several days. To ward off mosquitoes, you don’t need to resort to chemicals right away – there are very effective natural remedies. It is possible to protect yourself from mosquitoes with certain plants.

Which plants smell are able to repel mosquitoes?

Anyone who likes to spend warm summer evenings outdoors knows the problem well: everything would be perfect without the presence of the annoying mosquitoes, which in some subjects can cause an “allergic” reaction with their buzzing alone. But nature has provided. There are plants whose smell disorients insects by keeping them away. And what’s more: most of these plants are also very useful in the kitchen and at home. So, even if the mosquito repellent effect of plants is not scientifically proven, they still represent an enrichment for your balcony or garden.

Here are the balcony plants indicated to ward off mosquitoes:

  • Herbs like basil, rosemary, lemongrass, mint, and carnation give off the smell of essential oils that have a mosquito repellent effect. Unwanted guests especially hate basil, also known as a home remedy for mosquito bites. However, the quantity must be enormous to be able to act as mosquito protection. No problem, the aromas of basil, rosemary, etc. they are very popular to enrich numerous dishes.
  • The leaves of tomato plants also repel mosquitoes with their intense smell. For this, one more reason to grow tomatoes on the balcony.
  • The scented geraniums and pelargoniums have been renamed mosquitaways because of their ability to repel mosquitoes and midges. Their leaves contain glands full of essential oils. These give off a mosquito repellent odor. They are even useful for warding off wasps. Men, on the other hand, perceive a good perfume and rejoice in the beautiful colors of the flowers.
  • The same goes for lavender: its scent repels mosquitoes and moths. However, the plant attracts bees, bumblebees, and butterflies. In humans, lavender has a relaxing effect.
  • The Marigold, a plant with a golden yellow color, also known as marigold, away with his odor mosquitoes. For snails, however, the plant is one of their favorite dishes. It is, therefore, possible that it passed from one scourge to another.
  • Plants with a citrus scent such as bergamot or eucalyptus also repel mosquitoes.

The aforementioned mosquito-repellent balcony plants all have something in common: mosquitoes do not like very intense smells, essential oils, and citrus scents and therefore prefer not to get close. By taking this into consideration when planting flowers and herbs on the balcony, you have already taken a big step in the fight against mosquitoes.

How to fight mosquitoes in the garden?

Even before the existence of anti-mosquito chemicals, humans used nature to ward off annoying insects. At one time, on every farm, there was a walnut tree next to a dunghill to keep mosquitoes away. Again, essential oils act as insect repellents. Positive side effect: the farmers could eat the delicious nuts.

Even in gardens, mosquitoes do not come close to essential oils and citrus scents. For this, all plants used on the balcony as a mosquito repellent are also useful in the garden. In this case, they have even more space to be able to act as effective mosquito protection. In addition, there is the possibility of attracting natural mosquito predators, for example, with birdhouses or a pond for fish and frogs.

Enjoying the summer on the balcony: further mosquito repellent tips

Mosquitoes are attracted to body odors, sweat, and the carbon dioxide content in the air. But even if you wash often, unwanted guests will sooner or later also arrive on your balcony. If you do not want to rely completely on the scent substances released by plants to repel mosquitoes, you can take care of the diffusion of the scent perceived as annoying by insects yourself.

The essential oils available in walnut, catnip, or lavender are also available in sprays and in the form of drops to be distributed, for example, on your clothes to ward off mosquitoes. Or just heat them in a scented lamp. The scent will be much more intense than pure oil. Even oils, sprays, and scented candles essence of citrus fruits are powerful remedies for mosquito.

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