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How to Make Lavender Essence at Home in a Simple Way

How to make lavender essence at home

If you are a lover of the natural and ecological, you may be interested in knowing how to make lavender essence at home, easily and economically. In addition to its incredible beauty, soothing fragrance, and undeniable value as a decorative element, lavender is one of the most versatile plants in the natural world.

Used in desserts and haute cuisine recipes, in dozens of cosmetic products and even in medicines, lavender is one of the classic stars within the group of ornamental plants. Keep reading, and you will learn how to make lavender essence at home in an easy way so that you can perfume whatever comes to mind.

The origin of the use of plants as essential oils

Since thousands of years, ancient civilizations (ancient Egypt and classical Greece, and Mesopotamia) learned to create oils and essences based on various plants. The main difference between these products lay in their different degrees of concentration, and their preparation was widely accepted in their respective societies.

Although today there are certain improvements that facilitate its preparation, the process of obtaining it itself has not changed much.

How to make lavender oil with alcohol

First, we will explain how to make lavender essence with alcohol.

We start the process by crushing a significant amount of lavender Angustifolia (fresh and dry) in a mortar, which we will deposit in a glass jar with alcohol.

After leaving it covered for a few days, and during its maceration, we will stir the compound from time to time to allow the release of its essential oils gradually. After this time, we will strain the product with a coffee filter into a second container. Then we will cover it with just another filter to allow the evaporation of the alcohol.

After a few days, our oil will be ready. The system of the infusion of lavender in almond oil or the boiling process of decantation in teapots and small copper tubes are somewhat more laborious but equally satisfactory.

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How to make lavender water without complicating your life

Used to perfume clothing and home clothes (sheets, bedspreads, cushions or towels, for example), its preparation is not too complex.

To do this, you will need lavender essential oil (10 drops), distilled water (85 milliliters), vodka (28 milliliters), a glass pitcher, a spray bottle, and a glass jar with a lid.

After vigorously mixing all the elements in the jug, we will pass them with a funnel to the atomizer. After letting it rest for at least a day, it must be shaken before spraying on what we want to perfume. Simple, right?

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Homemade lavender oil: Properties

First of all, it must be said that, like all products derived from this plant, we must be careful with the amounts we take since abuse of them can lead to certain toxic effects.

Inadequate doses, this incredible woody, and the perennial plant, has proven sedative, relaxing, antibacterial effects and can even be used as an antidote to various poisons. Not in vain is it one of the most recommended bedroom plants. If to all this we add its versatile use in cosmetics, creams, flavorings, and decoration, this plant is undoubtedly one of the stars of the floral world.

That is why we hope that now that you know how to make lavender essence, you will begin to create in your home a magnificent world of fragrances and aromas, soft creams for the care of your skin, or tasty haute cuisine recipes. An ancestral and priceless plant that, once it enters your life, will never leave again.