How to Create a Perfume for Your Home: Do it Yourself Ideas to Perfume the Environment

Do you want to perfume your home without resorting to chemicals on the market? You can make a “do it yourself” deodorant with natural ingredients that are readily available. Let’s find out how.

Do you want to make your home fragrant, but hate the chemicals on the market? The secret is to opt for “do-it-yourself” fragrances for environments, made with natural and easily available products. Everything that is “homemade” is easy to create and also allows you to respect your health and that of the environment. These ecological deodorants are very fragrant and have unusual aromas compared to those found in supermarkets. Let’s find out how to make the aroma of our homes truly unique.

Perfume for the home

How to create a natural perfume for the home

We can create in our home, and in a simple way, an excellent ecological perfume to deodorize our home, choosing from easily available products and creating more delicate, or intense fragrances according to our personal tastes. Let’s see what the main ingredients are and how to use them to deodorize our home.

Make your own room fragrance diffuser

Making a DIY fragrance diffuser means scenting the home giving a personal touch that will also be a great way to save and create an ecological and natural scent for our home. To make it you need essential oils of your choice, large toothpicks, earthenware jar, unscented oil (of the one for children). Choose an essential oil (be it lavender, orange or vanilla) depending on the type of fragrance you prefer if more intense, fruity or sweet. Put the unscented oil, a little water, and a few drops of essential oil in the jar, without filling the whole jar, to prevent the fragrance from escaping when we insert the wooden sticks. Now take 5 long toothpicks and remove the tips with scissors, put them in the jar and turn them at least once a day. You can choose different fragrances for each room: citrus ones in the kitchen to eliminate bad smells and floral ones for the bathroom. For bedrooms, lavender is ideal as it helps to relax and promote sleep.

Ecological orange fragrance

This home fragrance is suitable for the winter period because it requires the use of radiators and humidifiers to hang on it. Just fill the humidifier tray with half water and insert the orange peel cuts into small pieces. When the water, also thanks to the heat, is blended with the orange peels, a pleasant scent will spread throughout the house.

Natural and delicate bicarbonate scent

Baking soda can be used in different ways to take care of your beauty. It is also a very effective anti-odor and is ideal for those who do not like strong scents. To create an optimal solution for deodorizing rooms, simply mix two tablespoons of baking soda and 400 ml of hot water. After shaking and mixing everything, you can add 10 drops of a scented essential oil of your choice, and that’s it. To eliminate cigarette smoke, put water and bicarbonate in a vaporizer, and spray into the environment.

Intense and fresh natural lavender scent

Lavender is distinguished from all other plants found in nature by its fresh, delicious, and spring aroma. To perfume the house with this smell, you can create bags full of flowers to spread around the rooms, or pot pourri in plates and bowls with other fragrant plants such as cloves or bay leaves.

Perfumed deodorant with alcohol and essential oils

Alcohol is great for making a scented deodorant similar to the one on the market. To create it, you need to mix 20 drops of essential oil, half a liter of water and 10 ml of alcohol. You can put the solution in a spray container or in a jar with sticks to spread the aroma in the rooms of the house. The result will be incredible.

Scented chalks with natural products

Making a room perfume with chalks is very simple. Just get three tablespoons of baking soda, two tablespoons of water, 20 drops of essential oil and some silicone molds. First, you need to mix the water and essential oil in a bowl, so as to gradually pour the solution into another container where the baking soda has been placed. The mixture should be placed in silicone molds and lefts in the air for drying. The chalks will also be perfect for decorating your home in an unusual way.

Aromatic and natural green tea scent

Green tea has a delicious aroma and is ideal for scenting the home. Just make a flavored solution, using hot water, lemon juice and two tablespoons of dried green tea leaves. After allowing the mixture to cool, you can use it to deodorize your home with a spray can.

Natural cinnamon deodorant

This perfume is ideal for eliminating kitchen odors: infuse cinnamon sticks in a saucepan with boiling water which, in addition to fighting bad smells will give an exotic note to our kitchen.

Natural mint and rosemary fragrance

Ideal for the bathroom: dry some mint leaves and sprigs of rosemary, mix them together and place them in a small wicker container. It will release a relaxing and energizing scent at the same time, so, you can enjoy even more the moment of relaxation during a hot bath.