How to Choose an Ultrasonic Diffuser?

How to Choose the Right Ultrasonic Diffuser

This will be the question we will answer in this paragraph. So as to orient your choice well towards a model that can satisfy your needs. Let’s see together, then, the parameters to be taken into consideration.

How big is the room you want to perfume?

If it’s small, then you might settle for an essential oil diffuser that’s not that powerful. Conversely, if you need to perfume a large living room, then you should go for a model that has good potency. For example, between 9 and 12 watts would already be fine.
So remember: the more powerful your ultrasonic diffuser is, the larger the room you want to perfume can be.

Electric ultrasonic diffuser

Another parameter to consider is the choice between electric, battery, and USB models. Let’s talk about the former now.

The electric diffuser must always be connected to the mains, and this allows continuous use until the water runs out. It is important that the product is equipped with the “automatic shutdown.”

Ultrasonic battery diffuser

The battery air fresheners are among the most innovative products as they allow a connection both to the electrical socket and without (not all of them, however, read carefully in each model that the presence of the cable is not there only to recharge the battery). However, it must be specified that the autonomy without cable connection is certainly not high. But they can certainly be used anywhere.

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USB ultrasonic diffuser

Some models do not allow connection to a classic electrical socket or battery-operated but connect directly to the USB port. So they can be used anywhere, just have a tablet, a pc or a charger, for example.

Silence factor

If you intend to put your air freshener in the bedroom and leave it on all night, you need an ultrasonic diffuser that is silent. Feature to be evaluated, unless you have no problem falling asleep despite the noise or have no intention of leaving it on at night.

Do you want to set the operating time?

Thanks to the timer, you can do it. Obviously, the maximum limit depends on the duration of your product. If it can run for up to eight hours, then you might want to buy a model that, thanks to the timer, can be turned off after one hour, three hours, or six hours after starting it. Of course, you could also leave it on until the water runs out.

Container size and design

About the water, The latter should be placed in the appropriate container. The larger the vessel, the longer your diffuser will last. In principle, a container of 300 ml allows a duration of 8 hours.

From a design point of view, you can find objects of any size and shape that can fit more than perfectly with the decor of your room. This is a purely aesthetic choice that you will also have to evaluate based on your furniture.

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diffuser for chromotherapy: color therapy

Another feature you might consider is the possibility that the ultrasonic diffuser can light up and change color. In fact, there are also ultrasonic lamps on the market that can change up to 7 colors , so that you can recreate the atmosphere you like best. Among other things, a fragrance with multiple colors is a valid help to lift the spirit and the body. This, according to the discipline that studies colors, chromotherapy.