How Long Should You Diffuse Essential Oils?

How long to diffuse essential oils

Essential oils are very powerful plant extracts, so it is important to take adequate precautions. Atmospheric diffusion is no exception to the rule: care must be taken, especially with the duration of the diffusion. Find out now how long to diffuse essential oils with its diffuser!

Why dwell on the diffusion time of essential oils?

When you ask yourself this question, the real reasons why to diffuse its essential oils over a specific period of time are sometimes unclear. The reason, however, is relatively simple: as we said, essential oils are extremely concentrated and therefore powerful compounds. Whether applying them to the skin or breathing them (by diffusion or inhalation, for that matter), you must do this sparingly so as not to feel their negative effects.

Thus, if you diffuse your oils for too long a period, the excess of essential oils in the air may give you the feeling that you are “suffocating.” This is explained by the fact that you are used to breathing air composed of the balance of different gases (oxygen, CO2, …) and that disrupting it generates headaches and a certain pain. -to be.

In addition, the powerful aromas of essential oils also help to make your head spin when they are too spread in a closed place. So, keep in mind that whatever you do, it is important to ventilate your rooms often to breathe adequate air.

How long to diffuse essential oils with its diffuser

For optimal diffusion, it is recommended that you diffuse your essential oils for a maximum of 30 minutes, although 10-15 minutes is considered an ideal duration. However, this also varies depending on other factors, like the size of the room and the type of diffuser you have (oils diffused pure ( nebulization ) or mixed with water ( fogger ), variable diffusion power).

You can then adapt according to your model, as well as your tastes and feelings. If you feel overwhelmed after 5 minutes, follow what your body tells you and stop the session. Diffusing your essential oils must, above all, be a moment of well-being!

To return to the duration over which you must diffuse your oils, know that it is advisable to space out its periods of diffusion, if possible, as much as possible.

For example, if you want to diffuse your essential oils over an hour:

  • you can diffuse your essential oils for 30 minutes, then stop your diffuser for 30 minutes
  • or do 2-minute bursts of broadcast for 2 minutes of shutdown and so on.

Prefer the second option, which will be better on all points, for a uniform diffusion as for better air and a long and constant olfactory atmosphere. It is not essential, but it is recommended.

Do you find it too time-consuming? Don’t worry. More and more diffusers are being optimized to get around this problem!

You can indeed find programmable diffusers to broadcast in bursts or opt for remote-controlled diffusers so as not to always have to get up and press the on-off button. Convenient, isn’t it?

So follow these tips, and using your diffuser will only be more enjoyable for you. However, other factors must be taken into account, whether it is the water to put in your essential oil sprayer, what virtues of the essential oils in diffusion you want to take advantage of, and the cleanliness and good maintenance of yours. Learn more about how to maintain diffusers.