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Mosquito bites: 12 natural and do-it-yourself remedies

As every year, with the arrival of summer, mosquitoes regularly reappear, with their annoying buzz and their always inopportune bites: insects that nest and proliferate in stagnant waters and that usually strike us treacherously, leaving us on, as a reminder, redness, swelling and itching.

If all your efforts and the massive use of natural and ecological methods to keep these unwanted summer guests far away, you have not managed to avoid being stung, we try to come to your aid by pointing out the most popular do-it-yourself remedies. To limit, as far as possible, unsightly swelling and annoying itching (provided, however, that you do not suffer from allergies: in this case, only an expert can really help you!).


Wiping your sting with an ice cube wrapped in a clean cotton handkerchief should give you some relief, soothe the itchiness and cool you down.


Apply some toothpaste, preferably mentholated, to the sting and let it dry for 15-20 minutes before washing it off – it should ease the irritation and give you some itch relief.


The honey has antibacterial properties that may be useful in the face of an insect bite: why you can use it on the area of skin irritation, alone or mixed with a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda.


According to popular wisdom, rubbing a slice of lemon on the skin avoids mosquito bites. However, if you have already been bitten, keep in mind that lemon is also useful for soothing swelling and itching.


Among the so-called “grandmother’s remedies,” there is also that of passing a slice of onion on the sting: the smell will not favor you in your social life, but the sacrifice could be compensated by the disappearance of the itch.


Dissolve a tablespoon of salt in a glass of water and, with the help of a swab, dab the area of the sting to reduce inflammation.

Tea tree oil

Available in pharmacies and herbalists, tea tree oil is a valid soothing agent to combat minor skin irritations, including mosquito bites.


Also, according to popular wisdom, rubbing garlic on the insect bite should have a soothing action, reducing swelling and itching (as long as the smell does not cause you discomfort). Also, it seems that eating garlic regularly helps keep mosquitoes away and prevent future irritation.

Baking soda

We have already seen baking soda associated with honey at work. Alternatively, you can mix it with water in order to obtain a paste to apply to the sting.


If you are not allergic or sensitive to this drug, you can crush a tablet and mix it with water, and then pass the paste obtained on the irritated area: it is said to be an effective as well as simple remedy.


Lavender also has soothing and refreshing properties: for this, you can rub lavender leaves on your sting or dab it with a wad soaked in lavender essential oil.

Aloe Vera

Like lavender, aloe vera is also famous for its soothing properties: therefore, by applying an aloe vera gel or preparation on the sting, inflammation and itching should disappear.

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