Do You Know Aromatherapy Massages?

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Do you wake up in the morning without energy, tired and out of sheer inertia? If you live in this situation every day, you need an aromatherapy massage to get out of this state of exhaustion and stress. With this type of massage, you will undoubtedly recharge your batteries immediately.

This is one of the most effective spa and aesthetic treatments to give our life a comprehensive level of well-being because we work on physical and emotional aspects at the same time.

The aromatherapy massage combines body massage with essential oils that allow us to energize, relax and revitalize our body. This creates a feeling of extreme calm and relaxation.

It is well known that massages are generally very relaxing on their own, but adding essential oils makes this treatment totally transformative.

How do aromatherapy massages work?

As we can see, these massages incorporate aromatherapy. In this discipline, the different aromas provided by plants, flowers, herbs, and trees are used. The main objective is to achieve physical and emotional well-being through the inhalation or application of these essential oils.

Aromatherapy accompanies the massage so that its effects are noticed faster and last longer since it works directly with emotions. This takes advantage of the power that aromas have when it comes to relaxing the body and filling it with energy.

As a first step, the specialist is in charge of carrying out a study in order to determine the state of the patient’s health, to apply the type of therapy necessary. This study evaluates the physical problems or ailments that the patient may have in order to guide the session and choose the appropriate essential oils.

Subsequently, a few drops of the selected essential oils are applied to the lotion to be used. Once this is done, the masseuse spreads the lotion on the body and performs the body massage.

For the massage to be effective, the patient must remain focused on their emotions, on the aroma that permeates the room, the background music, and the massage that is being performed.

The oil works by inhalation and makes you feel relaxed, thanks to its calming aroma. Then it penetrates the skin reaching the blood flow. With this, muscle aches are eliminated and working on the existing contained tensions.

Obviously, the properties of essential oils are added to the benefits of massages in general:

  • A more hydrated and nourished skin
  • More toned tissues
  • Better lymphatic circulation
  • Take away anxiety and stress
  • Human contact gives comfort
  • It stimulates the production of endorphin

It is important to note that aromatherapy massage is not just any treatment. For this reason, it is very important not to schedule any work or meeting before and after performing it in order to fully concentrate during the treatment and obtain all the possible benefits.

Does it have any contraindications?

Do not recommend it only in pregnancy and breastfeeding, while in children you must be very careful. Obviously, some oils are not indicated in case of intolerance to the plant. There are allergies that are triggered just by inhaling the oil. And then, it is essential to know any pre-existing pathologies.

It is important to rely on competent people. Because if you apply them to a person you don’t know and then there are adverse reactions, it is difficult to understand what was the trigger.

Essential oil for massages

Tea tree essential oil

It is indicated as an essential oil for those massages that aim to restore the balance of the skin as well as to provide well-being and health in the case of muscular and rheumatic pains. A few targeted massages with Tea Tree essential oil, diluted with sweet almond or olive oil, can be of great benefit. It is also often used in massages on the extremities, such as foot applications for corns and calluses, nail, and skin health.

Eucalyptus essential oil

Obtained from the homonymous plant, it is used to dissolve inflammations of the respiratory system, providing well-being to the respiratory tract and giving a feeling of renewed freshness. Also excellent as an essential oil to combat coughs, diluted with sweet almond oil for massages on the chest and on the area adjacent to the shoulders and throat. Also excellent for massages against muscle fatigue.

Lavender essential oil

It is used in situations where a feeling of relaxation is desired, promoting sleep in cases of insomnia, nervousness, anxiety. The massage with lavender essential oil is beneficial for restoring a balance of the nervous system, massaging the temples, and working on its great relaxing property.

Lemon essential oil

Promotes concentration as an essential oil for the environment and, at the level of massages, it is excellent for anti-cellulite and purifying treatments. Be careful not to use it on the skin before exposing yourself to the sun, as it is a photosensitizing essential oil.

Rosemary essential oil

In an anti-pain function for muscular disorders, rosemary is proposed as an essential oil with relaxing properties of the muscles and with an ability to reactivate the circulation, which is also useful in anti-cellulite massages. For headaches, fatigue, and neck pain, the symptoms of the muscles can be counteracted by relaxing with this essence and adequate carrier oil.