Cleaning the Diffuser is a Must!

Blue diffuser

If like me, you use your diffusers almost every day, it’s important to give these devices a little extra attention every now and then. Just like you occasionally descale your coffee machine or kettle, your diffuser also needs maintenance.

The water you use to diffuse your essential oil also leaves limescale residues in the device and on the ultrasonic membrane. And the essential oil can also leave a residue. That is why it is important to regularly give your diffuser a small cleaning.

In a very simple way, you ensure that all nooks and crannies that you cannot reach with cloth are also cleaned.

4 Tips to keep your diffuser in good condition

Monthly maintenance

Every month – it is best to choose a fixed moment at the beginning or end of the month, for example) spend half an hour on this ensures long life and better functioning of your diffuser.

This is how you work:

Fill your diffuser to the maximum level with clean water and add a splash of white vinegar. Then turn it on and let it diffuse for about 15 – 20 minutes. Then rinse the reservoir and lid well with clean water. The edges of the membrane can be cleaned extra (carefully!) with a cotton swab. Even small parts or grids in the lid can often be easily cleaned with a cotton swab—finally, dry everything with a soft cloth.

Then you can enjoy the aromatic benefits of all your essential oils again.
Do it!

Daily tip

Of course, it is wise to regularly rinse your reservoir in between and always use fresh water. In any case, let the oils you use come into their own as well as possible. After all, otherwise, leftovers from last time can mix with the new combination. And sometimes. That’s just not so nice. Use a tissue to clean the edges of the reservoir.

Extra tip for intermediate cleaning

Lemon is, of course, always a good cleanser, and purify also does great things when it comes to cleaning. That’s why I occasionally put a drop of these oils (possibly with tea tree) in the diffuser. Not only great for the diffuser, but also for cleaning the air in your living environment.

Be careful when disposing of the remaining water.

When you empty your water tank, be careful not to do this at the air outlet, atomizer, or buttons. This can damage your diffuser!

With these tips, you can keep your diffuser tip-top in order.
To enjoy the aromatic benefits of essential oils for as long as possible.

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