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3 Powerful Home Remedies For Sinusitis

how to cure sinus permanently at home

An excellent home remedy for sinusitis is to clean the nose and sinuses with a mixture of warm water and salt because it helps to eliminate excess secretions and reduces inflammation, relieving symptoms such as pain and pressure on the face.

However, in case you cannot clean your nose or would like to complement the treatment, there are natural remedies such as nebulization with eucalyptus, spinach juice, or chamomile tea, which can complement the treatment indicated by the doctor.

3 Home Remedies for Sinusitis

These remedies can be used for approximately two weeks, but if you do not observe any improvement in symptoms after seven days, it is recommended to consult a general practitioner or an otolaryngologist to diagnose the problem and identify if there is a need to start the use of medications. More specific.

1. The home remedy for acute sinusitis

A good home remedy for acute sinusitis, which arises from one moment to another, is to inhale the vapor of eucalyptus because it contains expectorant and antiseptic properties, quickly relieving nasal congestion.

However, there are some people who may be more sensitive to the essential oil released by eucalyptus, and in these cases, it can make symptoms worse. If this occurs, inhalation of this vapor should be avoided.


-5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil;
-1 teaspoon salt;
-1 liter of boiling water.

Preparation mode

Place the boiling water in panela and add the drops of eucalyptus oil with the salt. Then you should cover the head and the panela and inhale the steam from the tea. It is important to breathe the steam as deeply as possible for 10 minutes, repeating 2 to 3 times a day.

In case you do not have essential oil at home, it is also possible to inhale using some eucalyptus leaves in boiling water since the natural oil of the plant will be transported by the water vapor.

2. Home remedy for allergic sinusitis

A home remedy for allergic sinusitis can be mint juice with nettle, as it contains anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties that help reduce irritation and eliminate secretions, alleviating the symptoms of sinusitis caused by an allergic reaction.


-20 g of nettle;
-15 g of mint;
-1 glass of coconut water;
-1 tablespoon of eucalyptus honey.

Preparation mode

Place the cooking nettle leaves in a pot of water. Then blend the cooked leaves together with the mint, coconut water, and honey until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Drink two times a day between meals.

It is very important to cook nettle leaves before use because, in its natural form, it can cause an allergic reaction, losing this ability when cooked.

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3. Home remedy for infant sinusitis

Water vapor by itself is an excellent home remedy for sinusitis, as it helps increase the temperature of the upper respiratory tract, relieving discomfort. However, you can also do steam inhalation with chamomile, as this plant has excellent soothing properties and is not contraindicated for children.

Inhalation should always be carried out under the supervision of an adult, even if the child has already done other nebulizations because there is a great risk of being burned by the water.


-6 tablespoons of chamomile tea;
-1.5 to 2 liters of water.

Preparation mode

Boil the water and then add the tea. Next, place the child’s face on the panela and cover his head with a towel. It should be asked for the child to breathe the steam for at least 10 minutes.

You can sleep better and avoid sinus discomfort at night; two drops of lemon essential oil can be placed on the pillow.

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